Ziv Log A personal notebook

My Reading Strategy

Is there a strategy for reading? It seems that reading is quite simple—as long as a person has a mind and knows the language, he/she can read. Just read from the first sentence to the last sentence. But reading this matter seems not easy, Mortimer J. Adler even wrote a more than 400-page book dedicated to how to read a book. His method is too complicated and rigid for me. My reading strategy can be summarized in one phrase: roundabout tactics.

First of all, you get a glimpse of a book from the periphery (comments, preface, table of contents, postscript). During this period, you will encounter some interesting points to you, and then dive deep into the book and look for things related to these points. In this process, you will encounter new interesting points and then read other related chapters. Recursively, you can gradually master the content of the book. Compared to the method of reading from the first sentence to the last sentence, the advantage of this strategy is that you are always in a relatively active position, your brain is active, and you will not only see the trees but the forest.

Finally, don’t forget to take notes at any time. This is a good way to force thinking.