Ziv Log A personal notebook

Launching a New Blog

This is my new blog, and I hope it will be also my final personal blog. For building this blog, I registered my first domain name, which cost about $60 per year. I hope this a bit of cost could keep me not to give up anymore.

My blog is generated by Jekyll. For this new blog, I also have designed a new Jekyll theme—Monophase.

Why Blog

My original purpose of writing blog is for note-taking. I need a simple and flexible way to record what I read, see, think, and do. Note-taking apps are not my first choice, because they always have their own shortcomings, but a self-built blog is completely open and highly flexible.

A person’s life is short. If a person wants to leave behind after death, a blog may be a good intellectual heritage.

Of course, there are many other benefits of running a blog.